Mango Electronics has stocked the world's finest specialist lighting products, such as underwater lighting for over 18 years, specialising in types for use in swimming pools of all types. We supply both trade and public and are known for our in depth knowledge of all forms of lighting, especially decorative and innovative LED types.
This business has been an electronic design consultancy for 26 years, with an in depth experience of the design and manufacture of high power amplifier and test equipment; we can supply conventional low voltage or mains lights for all applications and environments, including fibre-optic kits for saunas, steam rooms and other domestic or commercial uses and are developing various formats of colour therapy and SAD (seasonally affected defficiency) lighting.

Soon to be launched are LED desk lights and standing lights that will incorporate easy to use controls for the intensity and colour of the light emitted, from the high light intensity daylight hues that SAD light requires to the subtle but intensely pure colours that are typical of effective colour therapy. The lights will also be capable of slow soothing effects and blended colours to aid relaxation or be able to set to a colour blend that one finds suits them personally.

These new lights are not low intensity types, but very powerful, bright emitters and will bring a whole new depth of freedom to both the home and the professions involved with fitness and wellness

To complete the wellness factor, we have our own omnidirectional Hi-fi speakers, actually designed for use around a swimming pool and with partying especially in mind, using custom made versions of high power studio drivers. These have been in use in extreme environments for over 20 years now and have even survived Typhoons in the Caribbean at an outdoor island pool only 50 m from the beach and in Venezuela and Florida without problems. (See Poolside Hi-fi Speakers for more)

This is an engineering business of over 26 years standing, supplying both trade and public and we have a deep understanding of the products offered and can always find a solution, custom or otherwise, for a problem job; advice is free, errors are not!

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